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HKH Consulting Co. Was established in 2015 in BC.
We provide structural design, site inspection, and field supervision, as required to suit the specific project requirements.
We offer services on a wide variety of projects. These include high-end custom homes, seismic upgrades, and commercial developments projects. We are well-versed in all material types, including steel, concrete, wood, masonry, and light gauge metal; we also combine these materials in creative ways to produce unique structures. In all our processes we rely on our combined decades of experience and the use of sophisticated analytical tools.
We understand that the structural components must integrate with the building as a whole and function efficiently. Construction cost, lifecycle cost, constructability, and flexibility are all things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a structural system. At HKH Consulting, our goal is to provide an economical structural design that complements the architect’s design and furthermore meets the requirements of the client and end-users.

We are the trusted advisor to the Canada's leading businesses, and institutions.

At KHK Consulting, we don’t just work with concrete and wood. We work with people. We are Approachable, with even our highest leadership levels easily accessible. We are Problem Solvers who point out solutions, rather than point fingers. Most of all, We are Your Partner. Our job is to make your job easier. And what we build are great relationships.